9 Mar 2013

Lets be grateful


MAkbed tengah stress. 
JAdi, otak tersumbat. Takde idea nak taip entry. 
Tapi, buah pikiran ada. 
Semuanya aku tulih / lukih je kat dalam GNoty aku tuh. 
Bila dah sampai masa, aku karang lah mengikut kreativiti.

Too much to think.
Too much to handle. 
Just about to inhale a deep breath.... I have to exhale as quick. 
LAstnya, termengah-mengah jemah... 
Sabo je la.

Probably I just need to take a break. Clear my head. 
...kalo stress mmg cakap omputih wey..... korang pasrah jelah ye. 

There were ups and downs in life.
Some were remembered.
Some were forgotten. Sebab tak best nak ingat pon. 
Either way, I will always be grateful for what I have... and for what i don't have yet. 

To my two lovely kids, you guys are awesome. 
HAving you is the greatest of all. 
There must be something good I did that Allah rewarded me handsomely by sending you two in my life. 
And I treasured it.. and insyaallah, I will take care and give the best I could to be your Ibu.

Sorry for being such a crazy monster sometimes... 

To my dearest Oppa.. thanks for everything. 
Great to have somebody who listens.
It's a good feeling to know that I am taken care of.
I am happy with whatever things we shared.. the joy and the sorrow.  
 The toilet, the bed, the blanket, the pillow sometimes... The plate, the mug... BErus gigi pun share gak kadang tu. 
I may not be the perfect housewife, but you are not perfect also. 
So, we dont have much to argue about since we both are not perfect, kan?

Thanks for laughing at my jokes. 
THanks for eating my cooks. 
Thanks for taking care of the kids when I am not in the mood. 
Thank you for listening.
Thanks for understanding.
Thanks for not being mad....
Thanks for not being abusive..
Thanks for being funny.
Among all... thanks for being there for me, as always.

And thank you, for letting me be ME. 


Sometimes when I feel lost, I just write this kind of entry to remind me how lucky I am. 
Just sit back and relax .
Enjoy a cup of hot coffee and think about all the good things God gave.

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