27 May 2011

Adik Angkat Aku dah pandai tattoo badan skang!

Ni sapa yang mempengaruhi adik angkat kesayangan Makbed ni? Memandai je tatto badan. Aiyo... Dik Justin ni, tak cantik la badan kalau ada tattoo. Ni musti anak Pakcik Gomez mempengaruhi ko kann...?

Terus cancel nak wat menantu! Hee... ada keinginan gak tu..

Perhaps having adjusted to the idea of Justin Bieber dating Selena Gomez, Bieber obsessives have found something new to fixate on while Bieber vacations in Hawaii with Gomez.

Some paparazzi shots of a shirtless Bieber have revealed that the 17-year-old pop star is sporting what appear to be two tattoos: one on his waist -- a tiny bird's head -- and one on his ribcage -- the word "Yeshua," or Jesus, written in Hebrew, according to The Daily.

While we don't know the intentions behind Bieber's tattoo, he did visit Israel in April, where he ranted on Twitter about how the paparazzi wouldn't give him the time or space to properly engage with the holy sites.

He has also led a backstage Hebrew prayer before a concert recently, as seen in this video.

Though Bieber is not yet 18, in several U.S. states minors can receive tattoos as long as they have parental consent. Let's hope, though, that Bieber pal Willow Smith doesn't get any ideas.

Sumber: SINI  (leh tengok gambo skali...)

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