3 Feb 2011

Ketika aku boring

Do you like pandas?
Sangat suka. Cute.

How many puzzles have you done in your whole life?
Tak ingat. 8? I may still doing puzzles now. Life is full of puzzles, right?

Where would you rather live: Africa or India?
Africa (Nando's dari South Africa kan?)

Do you miss someone who you cannot see? Who?
My husband. He is nowhere to be seen, right now.Where is he? I need him to scratch my back.

How many text messages are in your inbox?
Rasa cam dah lebih limit jek. Sebab asyik hang je tepon tu. 

How many of the opposite gender did you talk to today?
Errr....I think I talked to some male prawns this morning. They begged me not to kill them for a plate of cucur udang. 

Who was the last person that poked you?
Excluded my dearest Inche Kitchi, Nini D just poked me with her SMS earlier today. 

Who was the last person that you took a picture with?
My daughter.

How often do you eat instant noodles?
Twice a month?

Who is your most hated teacher?
My father! Dia pakai rotan. Eiiiii......

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Butter scotch or honey comb. Saya hanya makan manis bila tiba waktu untuk aiskrim. 

Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook?

Who's your best friend today?

How many people are you talking to on Instant Messenger?

Do you eat beef?

Apple or Microsoft?

Do you think Nike is expensive?
It's worth the money

Is your sibling fat?
waa... sungguh sensetip nye soklan.  Rasanya takde yang fat. Dik Lin je fat. Ooo.. Adik pun fat gak.

What's your favorite number?
20 and 8

kalao kome boring gak buat je la menda ni.

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